Our mission

Shows from R2 StudiosTM tell compelling stories from the past that help us understand who we are.

What can you expect from our shows?

Immersive storytelling. We use all the tools of creative audio storytelling to make the past come alive.

History told by historians. All of our shows are primarily created and produced by historians.

Balanced perspectives. We tell stories from the perspective of those who lived them, but we also take a step back to see how their stories fit into the larger history of the world.

Rules we live by.

Transparency in research. We provide citations for our research and bios for our guests so you can check out our sources for yourself.

Accessibility to all. As much as we can, we make our shows accessible to all. We provide full transcripts for those who need to read instead of listen. We listen to and incorporate feedback from listeners who tell us what we can do better. We try to limit the jargon so that our shows are understandable to non-native speakers of English.